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Patty Brockley

Through my work, I aim to help people influence their own experience by strengthening the connections between the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga Therapy endeavors to develop a set of tools/techniques that will help build resources for the everyday life. 

For over thirty years, I have worked in the wellness industry. First as a nurse in ICU/CCU, then as the Director of the Freestanding Marin Birth/Wellness Center and finally as a Nurse Practitioner for Marin public health clinics and as a certified yoga therapist. Additionally, I have been practicing Integrated Medicine and as a Clinical Western herbalist since 1995. 

Currently, I specialize in Somatic Yoga Therapy which helps my patients sense into their bodies and learn to quiet their minds from within themselves. Mindfulness and meditation are essential aspects of the Somatic practice and with an individualized approach they learn to develop these mental accomplishments. I view myself as a guide, facilitating the internal journey of my clients towards a deeper sense of self understanding and independence. To me, there is nothing more valuable than seeing a person empower themselves by finding their inner strength, wisdom and happiness. 

Patty Brockley

Somatic Yoga Therapy

Thomas Keating:

“Anything less than a contemplative perspective on life is an almost certain program for unhappiness.”