Somatic Yoga Therapy Private Sessions

“There is a natural order and harmony to this world, which we can discover. But we have to feel it  – in our bones, in our hearts, in our minds.”

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Somatic Yoga Therapy

Somatic Yoga Therapy focuses on sensing into the body to achieve mind-body integration. In one on one sessions, my clients learn strategies to connect with their true self so that they can better their daily experience. Through developing a stronger sense of consciousness, they learn how to build up their confidence and develop resources so that they may choose their reactions and how to respond. However, each client’s practice is adapted to fit their personal needs.
Listed below are some of the strategies learned in Somatic Yoga Therapy.

Learn to evaluate and improve the physical body with techniques and exercises to build stability and strength
Become aware of the breath and learn how to self regulate the nervous system
Education to help one understand their own situation
Explore their personality through self reflection and meditation
Learn what brings joy, how to listen to one’s heart to discover what has meaning in life. As well as how to connect and build healthy relationships.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available at Pine Street Clinic in San Anselmo, Forest Knolls Wellness Studio, or in your home.


“Working with Patty in her private yoga studio felt like I was in a magical forest treehouse.  So peaceful and nurturing.”


Stay tuned for more info on upcoming Workshops.