Patty’s Yoga Class is like coming home to your body and breath. Her gentle instructions are tailored to what I need to feel more grounded and happy.

Nicole Tostevin

Designer - Animator, Tostevin Design

Patty Brockley personally coached my 9th grade daughter in mountain biking skills and ride training. She guided my daughter up and down the hills of Marin and trails near and far. Skills training, safety training, strength training and endurance training were just a part of what Patty’s work was about. This was a great physical experience for my daughter and helped her get in shape. In addition, Patty is a great role model! She is great at confidence building and helped my daughter improve her skills and confidence in mountain biking and in life!
Bonnie Zaleski

Director, TLC Tutoring & Learning Center

Patty Brockley is a exceptional trainer. Not only does she provide a workout that I feel challenged by she is also empathetic to injuries. Patty has an endless amount of encouragement which is uplifting every session.
Valerie Fowler, mft

Marriage Family Therapist, Valerie Fowler Therapy

Patty is incredibly warm, natural, fun and open. She immediately puts people at ease with her comforting laughter and gentle touch.  Patty has a great ability to connect with all people and bring grounding energy to a healing space. I highly recommend Patty to anyone considering her services.

Sarah Kowalczyk

McGuire Partner, McGuire Real Estate